Skype to Write

Writing Shhhh! was truly the beginning of my healing.  And it takes honesty, bravery and a willingness to clean house of your secrets, shame and shadow self.

Let’s write your way to you!  Each day for at least fifteen minutes write everything you can recall about your abuse.  What did it feel like at the time?  How did it leave you feeling after it happened?  How many years did you have to endure it?  What were the sounds and smells?  What did you see?  Describe the abuser, the environment?  How has it left you feeling about you now?  Have you endured any self-abuse with your body, food, drugs or alcohol?  Go as deep as you can.  This takes time, it took me almost four years.  But today is the best day to begin, piece by piece, to tear down the horror house.

I offer you, on a weekly basis, to Skype with me, in a safe environment, where you can read what you wrote or just listen to others share their trauma.  Tears and rage welcomed.

$15.00 an hour a week or $50.00 per month (once a week for 4 weeks).

It’s time to get started on you being the one you came here to be.  A powerful, loving human being!


This Skype to Write concept was inspired by my friend Debra Hawley, author of “Reclaiming Magdalen-A Memoir of Sexual Healing.”

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