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Soka Gakkai International (SGI) embrace Nichiren Buddhism, a dynamic philosophy grounded in the realities of daily life. I’ve chanted Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for over thirty years. I know it raises your vibration (life condition), connects you with Source (the Divine) and puts you in rhythm with the universe. I have experienced many benefits from doing this practice. The organization is a great source of support. Helping others chant and change their life for the better is part of their practice and philosophy. Here you can locate a group in your area.

The below list are fellow travelers seeking freedom from judgment, survival and suffering determined to move into a shared life of love, acceptance and peace.

Franco DeNicola has his finger on the pulse globally and galactically.  I have been following, using and finding his Clearings and Activations very helpful.  To date, I have not missed one in four years.  I suggest you first check out: From Victimization to Survival to Oneness & Empowerment 9/19/13, Clear Authority, Guilt & Anchor in Your True Self 3/13, Clearing Survival, Sacrifice & Struggle Mode 6/12. Also check out his Self Clearing Process.

Victoria More’s “Releasing Frozen Children Technique” was very helpful to visit my traumatized child and teenager, allow them to express their pain and hold them until they felt safe thus freeing them in the unconscious.  Victoria offers Mentoring Sessions and she is as gentle as an angel.

Everything is energy.  Louise Rooney is an energy worker.  With her Alignment Sessions I feel she got me to the bottom and helped me blossom into my true self so I could step into my power.  She can identify blocked negative energy and manipulate it out of your system.  Louise has a real grasp of the new reality we are on the cusp of.

Tantra Maat wrote The Language of Creation”.  This is another tool for clearing trauma “…through the use of template-writing exercises you reconfigure your neural pathways to be life-enhancing rather than life-defeating…” I used these to write my ‘cravings’ (i.e. to manifest my desires) then followed by writing my observations of how I felt as I wrote those cravings. In this way it helped me to re-write my neural pathways that were imprinted with trauma to be imprinted with more positive, life-enhancing ideas.

Another book I can recommend is “The Marriage of Spiritby Leslie Temple-Thurston.  She deals with polarities which we all carry and gives us tools to see through them more easily—understanding and using her square technique helps bring clarity.  She also introduces ‘your neutral witness’ a wonderful way to see our thoughts and patterns thus change them.

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