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In this memoir, Shhhh! Sad, Shocking and Sexy, Flook draws us into a world of childhood abuse baring beauty with brawn, love with illusion, and trust with betrayal that shadowed her for decades before finding her self-worth.


“A frank, sometimes-disturbing debut novel that highlights the darkness that can lurk within picture-perfect families.” — Kirkus Reviews


“… the story’s brutal emotional honesty is what keeps it moving.” — Kirkus Reviews


“The story has abuse at its center but its overarching tale of young women fighting to reconcile society’s expectations with other desires also resonates.” — Kirkus Reviews


Shhhh! Sad, Shocking and Sexy ($15.99, ISBN: 978-1-63135-510-3, a 254-page paperback, published by Strategic Book Publishing, is available at most major online book retailers.)


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