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First, my early sex abuse left me feeling dirty.  Feeling dirty at age five or so causes you to want to hid, not be seen.  This goes on for years and years until you come to terms with it therefore you isolate yourself for fear that somehow, someone, somewhere will know, guess, or might see […]

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“A childhood defined by physical and sexual abuse leads to a tumultuous adolescence in Flook’s self-described “true-life novel.” Annalyn is the second child of her father’s second marriage. Her mother, once a maid, had married up into a well-off Southern family; as a parent, she’s cold, withholding, and physically abusive, obsessed with keeping up appearances […]

The Beginning of my Writing Career

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The picture above was taken in the country that was known then as Yugoslavia.  Here I am drinking schnapps with several members of a summer traveling theatrical company.  A group of seasoned thespians. I got there by way of Lugano, Switzerland.  I was going through divorce from my first husband and took our daughter to […]

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My book speaks to all who would like to take a deeper compassionate look into emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. I went from a millionaire to welfare in the 1990s. That was a wake-up call. I realized then I led my life as a ‘victim’ and in fear of authority since my childhood abuse. The self-abuse […]